Aslon Systems

A simple and durable terrace? Choose the substructure systems of Aslon Systems! These systems assure you an easy and fast assembly. With our adjustable floor support, the height of the floors are easily adjustable. Curious to find out more? 


Aslon Terrace Substructure System

The Aslon Terrace Substructure System is the system for anyone who installs efficiently, durably, and cost consciously!

Terrace Substructure System


Aslon Tile Substructure System

Do you also want a well placed, dry and durable terrace? Choose the Aslon Tile Substructure System.  


Tile Substructure System


Aslon Adjustable Floor support

Adjust the height of your floor substructure with our adjustable floor support. Easy, accurate and fast!


Adjustable floor support