Aslon Tile Substructure System

Aslon Systems has developed the Tile Substructure System specifically to maintain a well-laid terrace in different types of weather conditions. The Tile Substructure System consists of three parts: aluminium girders, tile spacers and border edges. The aluminium girders can be placed on various surfaces, such as a concrete floor, a wooden frame, roofing, concrete tiles and edging.

By using tile spacers and tile stoppers, the tiles can be placed tightly into the system. Aslon Systems has developed three different aluminium girders, which make it possible to achieve different heights and spans.







The advantages of the Aslon Tile substructure system

  • Frost-resistant

  • Rapid drainage between the tiles, no puddles on the terrace

  • Space under the terrace remains free for power points, lighting or water pipes

  • Tiles can easily be taken up from the terrace

  • No loss of superfluous materials such as grout and mortar

  • Very eco-friendly thanks to the use of 100% recyclable material

  • Easy to install



Download more information of the Aslon Tile Substructure System by clicking the button below. 

Assembly instructions (PDF)

technical data sheet (PDF)

flyer (PDF)


A terrace without water damage

Heavy rainfall can cause waterdamage in gardens and streets. With the Aslon Tile Substructure System drainage of water is no problem. Water can drain through the open spaces between the tiles. A big advantage; a dry terrace without verdigris. 



Provisions for light or water

The installation of power points, lighting or a water supply under the terrace is possible. The tiles can be removed temporarily and replaced again after the work is finished. If subsidence should occur in the substructure, you can remove the tiles, repair the substructure and then replace the tiles.


Ten-year warranty

Aluminium is durable and retains its value; the secret to the clamp is in the composition and the size of the screw head, which creates the strongest clamp coupling. We are so confident in the quality of our system that we offer you no less than a ten-year warranty!

Save time with the Aslon Tile Substructure System! 

Are you curious how much time you can save with the Aslon Tile Substructure System? Download the specifications or contact us for a non-binding consultation and sales locations!

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